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CRPC launches CRPC Business school. Courses are for both local and international students. Registration begins on first of April 2017.

CRPC: Gursel language school offers Language courses. Classes open for both local and international students.New students can register every Monday. 

For academic year, the start dates are January, April and September.

PS: Academic year: For 6 to 9 months.

CRPC, Cyprus Recruitment and Placement Consultancy, is approved by British Council and UCAS as an education consultant and university agent. 

The core responsibility of CRPC is to provide assistance and support for students as they plan and shape their ambitions for higher 

education and their prospective career

options. CRPC has been offering valuable

consultations and services since September 2004.

CRPC has undertaken the official representation of numerous reputable British, Canadian, American ,Turkish universities and language schools all over the world.

CRPC enables students to find the best fit course based on their skills and interests and also specializes in placing students at institution most compatible with their personal and academic needs. CRPC student guidance and recruitment office boasts of over 2,000 student placements to institutions around the globe since 2004.

Since 2004
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Mon - Fri: 10.00 -12.00 



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